• All-Purpose Microfiber Towels

All-Purpose Microfiber Towels

Color: Black

Brand: Mundo

Towel form type: Cleaning Cloth

Age Range: All Ages

Material: Microfiber


Premium pro microfiber: Not all Microfiber is the same; with our Pro Microfiber Towels and cloths, we've created a genuine Premium Microfiber Towel that stands above the competition. Using Intra-Weave 2.0 microfiber technology, we've made some of the best microfibers you can buy.

Highly Absorbent, Easy To Clean: Clean more intelligently. These super soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloths pack a punch. It cleans deep but won't damage delicate surfaces. Perfect for dusting, scrubbing, polishing, and drying your entire home, office, and car with less effort! Works great with home, kitchen, and for car/auto detailing.

Multi-purpose, safe for gadgets: This lint-free cloth works great for cleaning all types of delicate electronic devices, phone screens, iPads, and computer screens! Keeping it sparkling, streak-free, scratch free, without leaving residue. Thick enough to clean effectively even without the added chemicals.

Deep, thorough clean: A microfiber towel is a fast-drying dishcloth for your kitchen. Thoroughly removes grease, grime, and dirt from your pots, pans, plates, and glassware. Quickly soaks up liquid better than paper towels from your countertops, spills - keeping your kitchen spotless!

Make cleaning enjoyable: Add our Pro Microfiber Towels to your household cleaning supply arsenal. If you have questions/issues, feel free to contact us, and we will make sure you're happy! Start cleaning like a pro. Order yours today.