• Snappy Beach Towel

Snappy Beach Towel

  • Convert it to an over-the-shoulder beach bag!
  • Wear as a changing robe--fits waist or bust sizes from 24" to 44" 
  • Wear over the shoulders to warm up or protect from sun
  • Wear as a bathing suit cover-up
  • Snaps together multiple towels for a extra large beach blanket
  • Snaps to form a over-the-shoulder travel beach bag


A snappy beach towel is a type of towel designed for use at the beach. It is typically made of a quick-drying material such as cotton or microfiber, and may have a fun or colorful design. Snappy beach towels are typically lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry to and from the beach. They are also known for their ability to dry quickly, which is important for preventing sand from sticking to the towel. Some snappy beach towels may also have features such as pockets or loops for attaching to beach chairs or umbrellas.