• Sports Towel with A Zipped Pocket

Sports Towel With A Zipped Pocket

Color: Blue

Brand: Mundo

Towel form type: Beach Towel

Age Range: All Ages

Material: High Quality Microfiber

Extra Features: Extra comfortable luxurious soft feel towel


Super Soft And Ultra Absorbent: Our sports towels are very soft on the face and body and don't have the scratchy feeling a lot of these types of towels have; they wipe up sweat well even with an intense workout; they also work well on yoga mats so sweaty hands don't slip

Non-Pilling And Non-Deforming: The athletic towels can keep in great shape after being used heavily and washed many times; it's a perfect size for draping around your neck while you do exercise, and also perfect for drying your face, arms, and legs

Dry Fast And No Bad Smell: You can hang it anywhere with the convenient loop. [NOTE] Please do not use any fabric softener because it lessens sports towels' ability to absorb water; we recommend using organic and skin-friendly cleaning products to ensure ultimate skin protection

Thick Enough But Lightweight: You can keep it thrown on your shoulder for quicker access to wiping down sweat during workouts

Versatile Uses: Our microfiber sports towels are perfect for indoor spin bike handlebars; they are a great size for that and do an excellent job of absorbing the sweat and therefore protecting the handlebars from corrosion; they are also perfect for running, and peloton rides, spin class or just overall workouts at the house

High Quality:  Every microfiber sports towel is made with premium material that shares the same smooth qualities. They're also super absorbent, odor-resistant, and won't smell after drying.