• Super Soft Plain Distribution Blanket
  • Super Soft Plain Distribution Blanket

Super Soft Plain Distribution Blanket

Color: Other

Size: All Sizes

Product: Breadth Customized

Product Height: Customized

Product Length: Customized

Ideal Season: AC Room

Pattern: Plain


The blanket is a must-have in any household, not just during winter. It’s incredibly soft and true to its size. The material of this blanket is made of and feels like microfiber. It gets pretty warm when you use it, but it doesn’t get too hot compared to others. The Super Soft Plain Blanket is a comfortable, lightweight, and easy-to-use solution to all your sleeping problems. It is a must-have blanket if you’re looking for additional warmth while you sleep without turning up the thermostat.

A blanket is an essential household item, especially during the cold season. The Super Soft Plain Blanket keeps you warm at night and is easy to maintain. Its lightweight, breathable, and soft material makes it a perfect blanket for different seasons of the year. If you like to sleep in a cold room at night, this material will perfectly fit your needs.

It has been made by the use of natural dyes. It is Highly Durable & Very Attractive Blanket