• Under Armour Towel

Under Armour Towel

Color White

Brand Mundo

Towel form type: Hand Towel

Age Range: All Ages

Material: Microfiber


- These workout towels for gym made of 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide that is breathable, dries up three times faster than regular sweat towels, keep yourself dry and clean using Mundo Textile’s workout towels for sweat

- Super Absorbent Microfiber Workout Towels - unlike flat sports towels workout towel, our 16 x 27” exercise towels have unique terry texture that absorbs excessive sweating giving you an instant clean and dry feel

- Ultra Soft Gym Towels for Working Out - no more rubbing face with hard towels, our plush soft microfiber gym towels are gentle to your skin, sweat towels to be used as exercise towels for sweat

- Wide Application Microfiber Face Towels - beyond hand towels for gym, keep in kitchen for drying hands, use for hair drying in home or spa, carry for yoga sessions, hiking, camping, swimming, sports like football, tennis and more

- Best Sports Fitness Towel - the premium quality work out towels with strong stitching that remains as new as it comes and will serve you more than a year, Note: Wash before use